What Kind of Windows Should I Choose for My Sunroom?

What Kind of Windows Should I Choose for My Sunroom?Windows can account for up to 75 percent of a sunroom’s construction. Choosing the right ones for your enclosure will depend upon how you intend to use your new addition as well as its architectural style. Traditional three- and four-season sunroom usually have solid roofs and numerous windows inset into walls as opposed to metal frameworks. Four-season rooms are more like a full extension of a home and are fully climate controlled by the same system that serves the rest of the house, as opposed to three-season rooms which lack centralized heat and air. Although there are usually fixed windows in both four- or three-season sunrooms, they also have windows that can open and close to provide cross ventilation and fresh air. Some of the more popular configurations for these types of windows include double-hung windows that open vertically, sliding windows that open horizontally, and casement windows that are hinged and swing open like a door.

Finding the right combination of fixed and openable windows is as much a matter of personal preference as it is functionality. Double-hung and sliding windows work well in sunrooms that are enclosed porches, while sliding and casement windows are favored in new construction because of their sleeker frames.

The type of glass you select for your windows is just as important as their styles. Sunroom windows should have glass that has been specially treated to provide protection against ultraviolet radiation. With so much light entering the room, sun-exposed fabrics are vulnerable to color fading. Windows with a low-e (low emissivity) coating will protect both furniture and skin from harmful UV rays. High-efficiency glass packages that boast double- or triple-paned windows with gas fills are also worth considering. They’re more expensive than single pane windows, but they provide vastly superior thermal performance, making it easier to keep temperatures inside your sunroom comfortable year-round, which could provide savings on your monthly utility costs.

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