What Kind of Foundations Are Sunrooms Built Upon?

What Kind of Foundations Are Sunrooms Built Upon?Every great relationship is built on a solid foundation, and that holds true with sunrooms as well. Depending upon their size, the kind of materials they are fabricated from, and the methods used in their construction, sunrooms can be erected on three different foundation types: a preexisting deck, a poured concrete slab, and a crawl space. Each offers unique advantages, but there are also structural limitations and budgetary drawbacks homeowners need to keep in mind when planning their addition.

Preexisting Deck

A preexisting deck may seem like a logical location to build a sunroom, and for good reason. It’s already part of your home’s outdoor living area, a gathering place where family and friends can congregate for eating, entertaining, or just hanging out. It’s not hard to imagine adding an enclosure that takes your enjoyment of this space to the next level. Unfortunately, not all decks are capable of supporting the added weight of a sunroom. A thorough inspection of your deck will have to be conducted before any construction begins. While additional supports such as joists and piers can be added to strengthen it, a stick-build sunroom may simply be too heavy for a deck, no matter how you reinforced it. Fortunately, homeowners with their hearts set on this option can purchase a prefabricated sunroom. These additions are made from lightweight materials that may make their addition to a deck feasible.

Concrete Slab

If your sunroom is simply too weighty for a deck, a concrete slab foundation may be a viable alternative. Concrete is relatively inexpensive, withstands temperate extremes well, is insect resistant, and impervious to rot. Concrete does have some disadvantages, however. First, this option is only viable if your sunroom is at grade level with the rest of your home. Secondly, all heating, electrical, or plumbing must be installed before construction. Once the concrete is poured and hardens, making changes will be impossible, as everything is set in stone – literally! Lastly, concrete foundations can become quite cold in the winter. Even with rugs, your sunroom floor may be too frigid for bare feet during chilly months.

Crawl Space

A crawl space is the most common sunroom foundation. It’s also the most expensive. The advantages of this type of foundation is that its provides room for insulation, wiring, plumbing, and ductwork, all of which can be accessed later if need be. Because crawl space foundations are insulated, your sunroom floor will be warmer and the entire enclosure will be more energy efficient. They can also create a seamless transition from the rest of the house if it’s also built on a crawl space.

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