What’s the Difference Between a Sunroom and a Room Addition?

What's the Difference Between a Sunroom and a Room Addition?Although it may seem logical to categorize a sunroom as one particular type of room addition, they are technically two different things. A room addition extends the exterior walls and roofline of a home to create a new living space that flows seamlessly from the rest of the house. They are completely climate controlled by the same HVAC system that services the entire home, and they are accessed through an interior door or archway rather than an exterior door.

Sunrooms, on the other hand, can vary in terms of how integrated they are with the rest of the house. Three-season sunrooms are not heated or cooled by an HVAC unit. They are also not as well insulated as full room additions, so their temperatures fluctuate greatly depending on outside conditions. In contrast, four-season sunrooms are better insulated and boast central heat and air. Although they cost more than three-season sunrooms, for homeowners living in a cold climate who want to use their addition year-round, a four-season sunroom is well worth the investment.

Another difference between sunrooms and room additions is their construction. A room addition is usually built from scratch on-site. While sunrooms can also be constructed this way, they are more often pre-fabricated structures that are custom-manufactured off-site and assembled at the home. This saves time and money, and reduces the amount of clutter at the construction site. It also allows for a higher degree of quality control, since the pieces are fabricated in a climate controlled, indoor environment.

Finally, perhaps the most obvious difference between a sunroom and a standard room addition are the windows. Sunrooms have a higher percentage of glass, which provide more light and more expansive views than any other home extension.

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