What Is the Best Location for a Sunroom?What Is the Best Location for a Sunroom?

In many cases, your home’s existing architecture and your budget will dictate the location of a sunroom. While in theory a sunroom can be positioned anywhere a homeowner wants, in reality it may not be practical or economical to build in certain places. If a loadbearing wall has to be removed during construction, it will add significantly to the cost of the project. It could also require extensive rewiring and replumbing if utilities need to be rerouted.

Another factor that can add to the cost of a sunroom is foundation preparation. If a significant amount of earth needs to be moved in order to provide enough flat space for an addition, it will add time and money to the renovation. For these reasons, sunrooms are often positioned where their construction will create the least amount of disruption to the rest of the house. Usually, this is either off the front or back of the home to take advantage of a preexisting exterior door. Front-positioned sunrooms often start out as a porch that is then enclosed with windows to create an interior space. Rear-positioned sunrooms tend to be new construction.

Other considerations to take into account when deciding where best to position a sunroom is your climate and the tree canopy around your residence. For homeowners in colder locations, a south-facing sunroom will capture the most sunlight during winter months. Moreover, an addition extending off the southeastern corner of a home will be exposed to morning light and shaded from late afternoon sun, making temperatures more comfortable throughout the course of the day. In warmer climates, a north-facing sunroom will be partially shaded for much of the afternoon, keeping temperatures cooler. Of course, if your home is surrounded by tall trees that block out late afternoon or early morning sun it will mitigate some of the effects of solar heat gain.

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