What is the Best Furniture for a Sunroom?What Is the Best Furniture for a Sunroom?

Sunrooms offer a unique combination of indoor comfort and outdoor ambiance. With their large windows and expansive views, these enclosures provide a bright and airy space that can be decorated in a variety of ways. Deciding what furniture is best for your sunroom will depend on your personal tastes, how you intend to use your addition, and how climate controlled it is.

Two of the most popular types of furnishings for sunrooms are wrought iron and wicker. Both of these offer a distinctly outdoorsy feel, which is no surprise since they are so often found on porches, patios, and decks. While wrought iron furniture is unbeatable in terms of its weatherability and offers loads of traditional elegance, wrought iron chairs are not as comfortable as other choices. Wicker and rattan chairs offer a cozier sit thanks to their thick cushions and yielding frames. And since a sunroom is fully enclosed, there’s no need for crinkly, waterproof covers. What homeowners should take into account when considering sunroom furniture is the effect of sunlight. Wood and fabrics can bleach and fade if they’re routinely exposed to ultraviolet light. That’s why it’s important to opt for windows that have a low-emissivity coating, which blocks out most of the damaging UV rays.

Humidity and broad temperature swings will also degrade certain types of furniture. If you have a three-season sunroom that is not fully climate controlled, it’s better to avoid leather and suede, which will retain heat in the summer and lose it in the winter. Leather can also dry out and crack if exposed to direct sunlight. Conversely, if left in a high-humidity environment for too long, it can absorb moisture and encourage rot. Cotton-polyester bends are a better choice for sunroom furniture upholstery since they’re strong, durable, easy to clean, and far less susceptible to moisture damage.

In terms of design, rustic farmhouse-style furnishings often work well in sunrooms. With their distressed wood and mix-and-match metals, this type of furniture offers plenty of visual interest when it comes to fine details and texture, something that’s better appreciated in the abundant natural light sunrooms provide. What’s more, farmhouse-style furniture is warm, inviting, and laid-back, so you’ll be able to kick back and relax without having to worry about scuffing the finish.

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