What is a Sunroom?What Is a Sunroom?

As its name suggests, a sunroom is a living spaces designed to provide homeowners with a room that boasts copious amounts of light and unobstructed views. To accomplish this, it is comprised almost entirely of windows. The International Energy Conservation Code defines a sunroom as a non-conditioned living space that has more than 40 percent glass. Another basic distinction is that a sunroom is attached to a house and accessed through an interior door as opposed to a freestanding structure such as a greenhouse or enclosed gazebo.

Sunrooms come in such a wide variety of styles, configurations, sizes, and options that no two are exactly alike. A sunroom can have either a covered or glass roof. If a sunroom has a glass roof, it’s sometimes referred to as either a solarium or a conservatory. Other features that vary from sunroom to sunroom include the type of windows and glass used, frame materials, exterior door options, and styling.

Perhaps the most significant distinction in terms of features is whether or not a sunroom is fully climate controlled. An addition that is heated and cooled by a home’s HVAC unit is considered a four-season sunroom, while one that is not is categorized as a three-season room. The construction of four- and three-season sunrooms is usually quite different, with three-season rooms having little to no insulation and an entry door that doubles as an exterior door. Four-season rooms usually have energy-efficient glass, insulated frames, and may or may not have interior entry doors. As you’ve probably already guessed, three-season rooms cost significantly less than four-season rooms. If you live in a mild climate, a three-season sunroom may be more like a three-and-a-half or a three-and-three-quarters season sunroom, making it an attractive and affordable alternative to a fully climate-controlled environment.

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