What is a Sunroom Used For?What Is a Sunroom Used For?

If you’re considering adding a sunroom to your house, it’s natural to wonder how much use you’ll get out of it. Will it be a room for special occasions and weekend entertaining, or will it become a favorite hangout used daily by the entire family? How much time you spend in your new sunroom will depend to some degree on whether or not it’s fully climate controlled. Obviously, sunrooms that are heated and cooled by your home’s HVAC unit will be more comfortable when outside temperatures are extreme, but even unconditioned sunrooms provide a living space that offers enough light, views, and weather protection to create a pleasant environment for the majority of the year.

Sunrooms can be designed and furnished to provide an ideal space for a wide variety of activities. With their abundant natural lighting and open design, sunrooms are great for home offices, which can be dim and cramped when located in interior rooms. Just be aware that if your sunroom has a glass roof, you’ll probably need to install an overhead shade to prevent glare during the brightest time of day. Sunrooms also make wonderful game rooms, where children can spread out coloring books, toys, board games, and puzzles in a bright and airy environment easily monitored by parents. And, a room filled with natural lighting makes the ideal setting for pastimes such as painting, photography, drawing, sewing, and, of course, growing sun-loving house plants.

But, the most popular use for a sunroom may be simply as a relaxing sanctuary, a place to sit and enjoy a morning cup of coffee while listening to the chirp of birds or read a book surrounded by the soothing white noise of a summer shower. With expansive views all around, sunrooms provide outdoor ambiance while protecting against harmful ultraviolet light, insects, and inclement weather.

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