What Is a Garden Room?What Is a Garden Room?

Depending on who you ask, a garden room may refer to a home extension, a standalone building or no structure at all. Some take the term literally, meaning a space within a garden that has a room-like ambience. Defined in such a way, a garden room may be an enclosure entered through a break in hedge “walls” that boasts a bench, pergola, or gazebo, or it may be comprised entirely of landscaping. Others define a garden room as a sort of elaborate shed, a fully insulated, double-glazed building that is electrically wired and usually made from wood.

The term “garden room” can also denote a specific kind of sunroom that is constructed from clear-glazed wall panels topped by a solid roof. In this way, it differs from a conservatory, which has a glass roof. As the name suggests, garden rooms are designed to provide enough light to grow sun-loving plants in an environment that protects them from insects, temperature extremes, high winds, and inclement weather. But, modern garden rooms can be far more than just a place for horticultural pursuits. With their expansive views and insulated frames, garden rooms are great places for entertaining family and friends, reading, listening to music, or just sipping a glass of iced tea while listening to the relaxing sizzle of falling rain. And, since the roof of a garden room is opaque, it provides protection from harmful ultraviolet light and reduces solar heat gain, making it easier to cool during warm months.

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