What Are the Best Sunroom Designs?

What Are the Best Sunroom Designs?Every great sunroom begins with a great design. With so many options available, it can be a little overwhelming trying to come up with the right combination of features to suit your unique needs. But, by keeping in mind a few key considerations, you’ll be able to streamline the selection process and come up with the best sunroom design for your project.

The first obvious question to explore is how will you use your sunroom? Do you want a bright and airy place to grow plants and spend a few relaxing moments reading, listening to music, or just soaking in the view? Maybe you’d like to use your sunroom as a studio for painting or photography, or have an extra room to enjoy a meal with your family during mild weather. If so, a three-season sunroom may be a good choice. Three-season rooms provide protection from temperature extremes, inclement weather, and bugs and can be customized to suit your aesthetic tastes as well as your home’s architectural style. Three-season sunrooms are not fully climate controlled, so their temperature will fluctuate more than other rooms in your house.

If you plan to spend a considerable amount of time in your sunroom and are envisioning it as a second living room where you can watch television, work on your computer, or entertain family and friends in a comfortable environment year-round, a four-season sunroom may be a better choice for your addition. Four-season sunrooms are heated and cooled by the same system that serves the rest of the house and are better insulated than three-season rooms, allowing them to provide a comfortable environment no matter what the outside temperature is.

Another major consideration for homeowners when it comes to sunroom design is cost. Three-season sunrooms are less expensive than four-season sunrooms, which isn’t to suggest they’re flimsier or more cheaply made. They’re simply less complex since they do not have to meet the same structural requirements as four-season rooms. Solid roofs also tend to be less expensive than glass roofs, although this isn’t always the case. And prefabricated sunrooms assembled on-site are usually less expensive than ones constructed from scratch.

Where you live can also play a significant role in the type of sunroom design that’s best for you. Those who live in a mild climate such as Southern California may get nearly as much use out of a three-season sunroom as they would a four-season. Homeowners in states that get a lot of sunny days such as Nevada and Arizona may want to avoid glass-roofed sunrooms as they are more difficult to cool.

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