What Are the Best Features to Have in a Sunroom?

What Are the Best Features to Have in a Sunroom?For most homeowners, a sunroom is a big investment, but for those who want a bright, cheerful, and versatile room where the entire family can spend hours of quality time together, it’s well worth the cost.  To get the most out of your new addition, it’s important to make sure it’s equipped with a few key features that can make a big difference when it comes to comfort, ambiance, and convenience.

As the most prominent feature in sunrooms, windows play a vital role in the quality of this living space.. Big windows offer expansive views and allow plenty of sunlight to shine through. That can be a mixed blessing. Exposure to natural light has been shown to be a mood elevator. It also improves alertness and makes it easier to concentrate. But overexposure to ultraviolent light can damage skin and cause fabrics to fade. Too much light also makes reading difficult and can increase interior temperatures to uncomfortable levels. To combat the negative effects of heat and glare, choose high-performance glass for your sunroom that effectively filters out most harmful UV rays. Shades or curtains are also a good idea on at least a few windows as they will allow better control of the amount of sunlight entering the room.

If your sunroom isn’t heated or cooled by your home’s HVAC unit, ceiling fans can provide a welcomed breeze that will keep the air circulating, reducing temperature variations between the addition and the rest of the house. A good rule of thumb is to have one ceiling fan for every 300 cubic feet of space. During colder months, a fireplace can provide enough warmth to keep things cozy. It also offers a wonderful focal piece to gather around with family and friends.

With their bright and airy design, sunrooms are intended to be a middle ground between the outside and inside of your house. Take advantage of this unique living space by adding some greenery. Hanging baskets of African violets or begonias will create a splash of color at eye-level. Position a potted fiddle leaf fig or yucca in a corner to break up vertical lines and add a touch of mystery. And what sunroom would be complete without a big fern spilling it fronds across a countertop or windowsill?

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