What Are the Best Colors for a Sunroom?What Are the Best Colors for a Sunroom?

A sunroom is one of the most unique extensions you can add to a home. Intended to be a middle ground were homeowners can enjoy the splendors of the outdoors in a space that boasts most if not all of the comforts of the indoors, these additions blur the lines between the two. The architectural design of a sunroom will go a long way in determining how immersive the outdoor experience is. A glass roofed solarium, for instance, will provide a truly expansive view that extends to all but the shared wall of the house. Other factors that will enhance the ambience in a sunroom are its furnishings and its color scheme.

With their many windows, sunrooms get a lot of illumination, so whatever colors you choose for the walls will be bathed in sunlight a good portion of the day. Warm colors such as soft golds and subtle ambers will have a buttery glow in natural light, while cooler colors such as blues and dark greens will gain in intensity. Before deciding on any hue, it’s always a good idea to take sample swatches outside to see what they look like under natural lighting conditions. That “mystic emerald” may become something closer to neon lime under direct sunlight. And that “class white” could reflect so much light it forces you to squint in its glare. That doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a pallet of muted pastels. Vibrant colors can work wonderfully in a sunroom. Just keep in mind that a little usually goes a long way, which is why bold hues work better as accents rather than in large swathes.

Other color schemes that work well in sunrooms are those based on nature. Varying shades of green, brown, and blue will echo the colors outside the windows, smoothing the transition from the outdoor view to the one inside. Consider layering your colors in the same order as they appear in your yard, with paler greens near the bottom, browns and darker greens at mid-level, and sky blues at the top. An alternative approach would be to keep the colors in your sunroom neutral so that they don’t compete with those outside. Beiges and light grays are good choices for neutral hues as they subtly suggest earth and sky tones without drawing undo attention to themselves.

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