What Are the Benefits of a Sunroom?What Are the Benefits of a Sunroom?

The many benefits sunrooms provide are apparent inside and out. From the inside they create a bright and airy enclosure that creates a unique environment for relaxing, entertaining, and pursuing your personal interests. From the outside, they add beauty, curb appeal, and a striking focal point to your home’s exterior. Sunrooms are also among the more affordable ways to increase your home’s livable space, with prefabricated models costing significantly less than adding a bedroom, den, or other build-out. Prefabricated sunrooms can also be installed quickly and with a minimum of disruption to your property or daily routines.

The most obvious benefits of sunrooms are the expansive views they afford and the copious amounts of natural light they provide. Just ten to 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight has be shown to elevate mood, increase alertness, reduce stress, and of course stimulate the production of vitamin D in the skin. Natural light can also help heat your sunroom during colder months and reduce the need for electrical lighting, both of which may result in savings on your monthly utility bills. And natural light provides ideal illumination for painting, photography, and detailed work such as assembling puzzles or knitting. Just be aware that overexposure to ultraviolet radiation can damage skin and fade fabric colors, which is why homeowners should consider investing in sunroom windows that have a low-emissivity coating that filters out these rays.

Sunrooms are also exceptionally versatile. With their vast array of styles, sizes, and configurations, chances are if you can dream it, a contractor can build it. Whether you’re longing for a conservatory steeped in Old World Charm, a sleekly modern solarium, or a cheerful patio enclosure, you’ll be able to customize your new addition to perfectly suit your aesthetics and your budget. Available options include solid or glass roofs, glass or polycarbonate windows, metal, vinyl, or wooden frames, and three- or four-season rooms.

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