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sunroom-replacement-national-city-ca-300x234A sunroom addition is the perfect way to expand your outdoor living space and add value to your home. So, if you’ve been fantasizing about having one installed at your Jamul, California, home, now’s the time! At Pacific Patio, we will swoop in and handle the project efficiently from start to finish, ensuring that the experience is hassle-free and the results truly wow. We are proud to offer sunrooms that are crafted by industry-leading manufacturer TEMO, as these products are designed to provide exceptional:


TEMO isn’t considered one of the most renowned sunroom builders in the industry for no reason. Their sunrooms are designed with their exclusive TEMKOR surfacing, which is a groundbreaking cladding material that is resistant to impact damage, UV rays, denting, fading, and scratching. This means that your sunroom will stand the test of time without requiring virtually any maintenance—what’s better than that?


Our sunrooms are designed with features that enhance thermal performance. This includes roofs that are made from expanded polystyrene, which acts as an excellent insulator, and a state-of-the-art thermal wall system built with high-performance glass. This means that you can count on your sunroom’s interior to feel comfortable year-round throughout the changing seasons.


Our sunrooms are available in a wide range of styles—including cathedral, California, and many more—and can be customized down to the last detail in order to suit your taste and look like a stunningly seamless extension of your home.

Contact Pacific Patio today to learn more about why we are the go-to sunroom builders in the Jamul, CA, area. We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have and schedule your initial consultation.

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