Custom-Made Screen Enclosures for San Diego, CA, Homeowners

Considering Southern California’s Mediterranean-like climate, it’s little wonder the backyard holds a special place in the hearts of most homeowners in San Diego. All those near-perfect days of bright sun, mild temperatures, and pleasant breezes are enough to make anyone want to spend as much time enjoying their outdoor living area as possible. Of course, with all that sunshine comes glare. And while mild temperatures are great for keeping things comfortable, they’re also perfect for breeding mosquitos. And although the breezes carry the scent of the ocean, they can also carry pollen, mold spores, dust, and other airborne irritants. If you’re tired of having to deal with these kinds of nuisances, why not transform your porch or patio by turning it into a screen enclosure? At Pacific Patio, we offer a variety of options that will fit just about any budget and accommodate most outdoor living areas.

What’s Your Type?

Our screen enclosures are custom manufactured to your specific requirements, so you can rest assured they’ll fit your home perfectly and provide decades of reliable performance. We offer the following four types:


This type of screen enclosure features a solid, sloping roof supported by corner pillars. Retractable screens are affixed to each side and can be lowered and raised with a pull-chain mechanism. Simply lower them when you want a screen room, and raise them again when you want more ventilation and views.

Vertical Retro

Already have a covered porch or patio? We can retrofit your outdoor living area with roll-in screens that boast heavy-duty aluminum frames, vinyl sashes, and your choice of four different meshes.


Our built-from-scratch screen enclosures are fully framed rooms that come in a wide variety of styles and feature thermal roofs, impact-resistant siding, and precision-engineered doors.


For the ultimate in design flexibility, our upgradeable screen enclosures can’t be beaten. These built-from-scratch additions have screens that can be retrofitted at a later point with windows to create a sunroom.

Reach out to Pacific Patio today to learn more about having a screen enclosure installed at your home in San Diego, CA. We’ll be happy to schedule a no-obligation, in-home consultation with one of our designers.

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