Should I Repair or Replace My Old Sunroom?Should I Replace or Repair My Old Sunroom?

For decades, sunrooms have been among the most popular home additions, and for good reason. With their numerous windows and open design, these bright and airy enclosures provide homeowners a space where they can enjoy expansive views of the outdoors without having to deal with drawbacks such as inclement weather, insects, temperature extremes, and wind. Although well-constructed sunrooms can provide many years of enjoyment, they’re not indestructible. Sooner or later you’ll need to make repairs, either minor or significant.

Since sunrooms have so much glass, it’s not surprising that when problems develop they often involve the windows, wall panels, or ceiling panels if the enclosure happens to have a glass roof. Water leakage is the most commonly reported issue. Deteriorating seals can allow moisture to seep inside, encouraging wood rot, corrosion, and the growth of mold and mildew. Window condensation is another frequent complaint in older sunrooms. Condensation on exterior glass is normal during hot, humid weather. Condensation on the inside of glass during cold months, however, is a sign of excessive moisture incursion and is a cause for concern. Other issues in aging sunrooms include torn screens, bent or cracked frames, and damage to the flooring.

While many of these sunroom problems can be easily remedied with a repair, there are some situations in which replacing a sunroom altogether may be the better option. Repairing a warped frame, for instance, can be very challenging, especially in glass-walled sunrooms in which the frame forms the primary support structure. Once the basic framework is compromised, a spot repair is problematic since the glass panels will need to be removed and replaced after the fix, risking future problems if they are improperly sealed.

Another consideration is your level of satisfaction with your current sunroom. Homeowners’ needs can change over time. If your old sunroom no longer provides the space or amenities you desire, a replacement offers the opportunity for an upgrade. Converting from a three- to a four-season sunroom is a good example. Since four-season sunrooms require insulated frames and high-performance windows for optimal thermal performance, it’s much better to build one from scratch that to retrofit a three-season room with central heat and air.

And let’s not forget about the availability of replacement parts. If your sunroom’s manufacture is no longer in business, it may be difficult to find the hardware needed to make repairs. Having to order custom-made components will add significant time and cost to your repairs.

At Pacific Patio we have been building exceptional sunrooms for nearly three decades. If you live in or near San Diego and are thinking about replacing your old sunroom, contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our representatives. We offer a wide variety of gorgeous additions, including garden rooms, solariums, and porch enclosures.

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