What Are the Most Common Types of Sunroom Roofs?

With their vast array of styles and configurations, sunrooms provide homeowners with ample opportunities to customize their home additions to perfectly complement their house’s architecture and suit their aesthetic preferences. In addition to frame materials, glass packages, heating and cooling options, and accessories such as ceiling fans and lighting, one of the biggest decisions to make when it comes to sunroom design is the roof.

Sunroom roofs can be constructed from either solid materials or glass, with each having its advantages and disadvantages. Covered roofs usually come in three basic configurations: gable, single sloped, and flat. A gable roof consists of two panels that slope in opposite directions and are supported by a center beam. This type of roof mimics the profile of the most common style of residential roofs, making it a good match for many homes. A single-sloped or shed roof has a single pitch roof that slopes away from the house. Because shed and flat roofs use less materials and are easier to construct, they are more affordable than gable roofs. Solid roofs block overhead sunlight, reducing the amount of afternoon glare. They also limit solar heating, making the sunroom more comfortable during the summer.

Glass-paneled or transparent roofs come in two basic styles. If the panels are angled to form a central peak that bisects the structure, the sunroom is often called a conservatory. If the glass roof is single sloped, it’s referred to as a solarium. Conservatories offer a classic profile reminiscent of Victorian-era enclosures and come in many variations, while solariums have a sleeker, more modern look with rounded corners and a more flowing design. Glass roofs maximize the amount of light coming into the sunroom, but are more expensive than covered roofs. They also make cooling the sunroom more challenging during warm months.

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