How Should I Decorate My Sunroom?How Should I Decorate My Sunroom?

Sunrooms come in a nearly endless variety of styles, sizes, and configurations, but what they all have in common is a design that provides ample light and unobstructed views of the outside. With their large windows and open floorplans, sunrooms are intended to be airy, bright, and cheerful, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be cozy and intimate. Window treatments such as sheer curtains, bamboo blinds, or decorative screens can provide privacy and cut down on glare without blocking out too much of the landscape beyond. What’s more, they reduce the amount of harmful ultraviolet light entering the room, which will prevent color fading in sun-exposed upholstery and other fabrics.

Wicker and rattan are popular materials for sunroom furniture because of their durability and informal elegance. They also stand up well in humid environments and are more comfortable to sit on when the temperatures are warm, an important consideration if you’re decorating a three-season sunroom that is not heated and cooled by your home’s HVAC system. Two materials to avoid unless your sunroom is fully climate controlled are suede and leather, as they both absorb moisture and retain heat.

Ideally, a sunroom’s décor should be a reflection of its function. If you plan on using it as an entertainment center, comfy couches, cradling chairs, end tables, and ottomans oriented inward toward a media center will create a theater-like ambiance – just make sure to take into account the potential for glare off a television screen facing east or west (another reason to shade a couple of windows). If you plan on using your sunroom as an extra dining room, a rustic farmhouse-style table and one or two kitchen island carts can provide the storage and counterspace you need to enjoy a picnic meal with friends and family.

No matter how you intend to use your sunroom, Pacific Patio can construct the perfect addition for your home in San Diego, CA, or a nearby community. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our design specialists.

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