How Long Does it Take to Build a Sunroom?

How Long Does it Take to Build a Sunroom?The length of time it takes to construct a sunroom depends on a number of factors. Sunrooms can be built from scratch, or they can be retrofitted onto a preexisting structure such as a porch or veranda that is then enclosed to provide protection from insects, temperature extremes, inclement weather, and strong winds. As you might expect, it takes less time to enclose a porch than it does to build an entirely new addition from the ground up. A conversion project can be typically completed in two to three days, but it may take longer depending on whether or not extensive electrical or foundation work is needed.

The time it will take to build a completely new sunroom will depend on how many steps are needed. If a concrete foundation has to be laid, it will take a day or two to set. Once the foundation is completed, a sunroom usually takes about 30 days to finish if built from scratch, although this will vary depending on how integrated it is with the rest of the house. If an exterior wall needs to be removed to create an open floorplan, it can add several days to the project. The framing and roofing process can also be slowed by inclement weather.

An alternative to site-built sunrooms are prefabricated sunrooms that are shipped to a home in various stages of completion. If the frame of a pre-fab sunroom comes fully assembled, it usually only takes a day to secure it to the foundation. Window installation, electrical work, and finishing the floor may take an additional week to complete. And, as mentioned above, the removal of a wall can add several more days to the project. Although prefabricated sunrooms require less time to build, it’s important to remember that it can still take weeks to create and approve blueprints and for the factory to then custom build an enclosure based on those designs.

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