Savor the Ocean Scenery with a Garden Room at Your Coronado, CA Residence

Garden Room Coronado CAA garden room installed by Pacific Patio at your Coronado, California home can create an atmosphere truly fit for a king. In addition to the value it adds to your home in terms of square footage and resale worth, this type of outdoor room addition can be a huge upgrade to how you spend your time at home because it allows you to take pleasure from the gorgeous ocean atmosphere in our area while providing the modern conveniences of being indoors.

Living in Coronado has some serious luxuries: you get to live in an area surrounded by water and enjoy a fantastic ocean breeze anywhere you go. The weather is mostly sunny with temperatures that don’t get very cold or very hot, and the beaches are gorgeous and award-winning. A garden room is a great way to invite the luxury of the area into your home, offering virtually unobstructed views of your backyard while providing the shade and comfort of an indoor room.

At Pacific Patio, we install garden room products from TEMO, a leading manufacturer in the industry. Some of the benefits of installing TEMO garden rooms include:

  • Protection from the elements – the windows are designed to have a perfect fit, preventing air infiltration, bugs, and moisture from entering the room and your home
  • Durability – All TEMO products are built to last and won’t rot, crack, split, fade, or otherwise deteriorate for years to come, and they come protected with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Beauty – A garden room from TEMO can be customized to compliment your home’s exterior and you can choose from a variety of elegant and functional styles
  • Year-round enjoyment – No matter what the season is or what the weather is like outside, these structures are designed to maintain comfortable interior conditions at all times

If you’re ready to upgrade your home so that you can welcome the luxury of living in Coronado, CA, contact us at Pacific Patio today to learn about installing a garden room at your residence.

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