Can Patio Covers Increase Home Value?

Backyard renovations are among the most popular home improvement projects. Even small changes such as the replacement of cracked pavers or dead shrubbery can make a big impact when it comes to aesthetic appeal and safety (broken tiles can be tripping hazards). Larger upgrades like new decks, fencing, landscaping, and water features have the potential to be truly transformative, creating outdoor living areas that range from laidback to lavish.

But how do these upgrades fare when it comes to increasing home value? You may be surprised to learn that some of the most common backyard renovations are actually bad ideas if you plan to put your home on the market. Take in-ground swimming pools, for example. You and your family may love taking the plunge every afternoon, but they require a lot of upkeep and are potentially dangerous for households with young children. There’s no chance of ever recouping the installation cost through increased home value and they can be a dealbreaker for a significant portion of potential homebuyers.

Concrete patios are another money loser. Many potential homebuyers will view a large expanse of concrete as little more than a glorified parking lot. But cover that patio with an elegant shade provider, and suddenly the equation changes. Patio covers can significantly increase the appeal of outdoor sitting areas and offer some of the best ROI of any outdoor renovation.

Cover Considerations

Of course, patio covers come in an array of styles, materials, and configurations. Maximizing the value they add to your residence will require choosing one that’s an elegant extension of your home’s exterior rather than something that looks tacked on. You want your cover to blend in, not stick out. Neutral frame colors like white and beige work best. And don’t overwhelm when it comes to size. A patio cover should shelter your outdoor sitting area, not eclipse it.


A big part of choosing a patio cover that complements your home is selecting a style that works best for the type of home that you have. Pergolas make great additions for Mediterranean and bungalow-style homes. These structures feature lattice roofs and a classic charm that is truly timeless. Traditional pergolas offer partial shade, but for those who prefer the option of having full shade during the hottest part of the afternoon, there are also operable pergolas with motorized louvers that pivot to allow maximum exposure, complete coverage, or anything in between.

Solid-roof patio covers work well with colonial, Cape Cod, and modern style homes, among many others. These covers can be outfitted with shingles that perfectly match the existing roofline, creating an overhang that flows from the house organically and ensures a seamless blend of existing and new architectural features.


When it comes to what your patio cover is made of, think long-term. For the first few years, wood construction may provide plenty of warmth and visual appeal, but to keep them looking good requires regular upkeep. The sun, rain, and insects will take their toll on wooden structures unless they are stained and resealed every one to three years. That’s an added effort and expense many potential homeowners will not want to deal with. It’s better to opt for a more durable construction material such as extruded aluminum. Unlike steel, aluminum will not rust, and unlike wood, it will never rot or succumb to insect damage. And with an electrostatic coating, it will also resist color fading and wash clean easily, making it virtually maintenance free. That’s something every homebuyer loves to hear.

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