Can I Put a Hot Tub in My Sunroom?

Can I Put a Hot Tub in My Sunroom?A hot tub is designed for outdoor use, and a sunroom is designed to provide an outdoor-like experience, so it would seem as if the two would be a natural fit. And in many ways, they are. Having a hot tub installed in your sunroom can result in a best-of-both-worlds situation with you and your family enjoying the benefits of a warm, relaxing soak without having to worry about temperature extremes, inclement weather, or nosy neighbors. And just imagine never having to scoop out leaves or battle swarming mosquitoes again! But to ensure the marriage between your sunroom and spa is a happy one, you’ll need to plan a few things out in advance.

Size Matters

Assuming you’re not going to build a new sunroom around your hot tub, the first thing you need to take into consideration is the dimensions of your spa. While it may be a perfect fit for the room itself, it may be too large to fit through the door. Take careful measurements of both the shell’s width and its depth. Since it’s fabricated as a single piece, it can’t be disassembled and reassembled. In addition to its dimensions, consider how much the hot tub will weigh when filled. If your sunroom is built on a deck, it may not be able to support the added burden, even if it does fit through the door.

H2 Woah!

Every time you exit a hot tub, you bring a significant about of water with you. Many types of flooring are poor choices for wet areas. Carpeting is an obvious no-no because it’s absorbent and will not only retain odors, but also encourage the growth of bacteria, mold, and even algae. Laminate, wood, and tile should also be avoided because they become slippery when wet, creating an obvious safety hazard. If your sunroom flooring is any of these, you’ll need to replace it or cover it with a non-slip alternative. Thankfully, there are many styles to choose from, so you should have no problem creating the look you want.

Fan Service

Adding a spa to your sunroom will increase its humidity levels. Since sunrooms have mostly glass walls, this won’t be a problem in terms of possible drywall damage. But it can cause all those windows to fog, especially if the temperature outside is significantly different than the temperature inside. A powerful ceiling fan can help draw warm, damp air up, up, and away, but only if there’s someplace for it to exit. If your sunroom doesn’t already have one, installing a skylight (or two) may be a good investment.

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