What Kind of Sunroom Will Add the Most Value to My Home?

What Kind of Sunroom Will Add the Most Value to My Home?A sunroom can make a beautiful addition to your home. Whether you want a bright place to grow indoor plants, a media room to gather with family for movie night, a space where the kids can play in the sun without having to deal with bugs and temperature extremes, or a home office that doesn’t make you feel as if you’re walled off from the rest of the world, a sunroom can provide exactly what you need. Due to there being nearly an endless array of sunroom sizes and styles, you’ll always be able to find a model that perfectly suits your requirements and fits your budget. While the true measurement of a sunroom’s worth is how much enjoyment you and your family get out of using it, some types of enclosures will increase your home’s value more than others.

Three- vs. Four-Season Sunrooms

The single biggest factor when determining how much value a sunroom will add to your home is whether or not it can be counted as part of its gross living space (GLS). In order to be considered a livable space, your sunroom must be heated and cooled by the same system used for the rest of the house. A screened-in porch does not count in a home’s overall square footage because it is not climate controlled. And although three-season sunrooms offer more protection from wind, insects, and temperature extremes, they either lack central heat and air altogether, or are climate controlled independently from the rest of house. As such, they are either not counted in a home’s GLA or counted to a lesser degree. A four-season sunroom, on the other hand, is a fully insulated structure serviced by a home’s HVAC unit, so its square footage will be included in your residence’s overall total.

Style and Size

Style and size will also affect how much value your sunroom will add to your home. Mostly glass structures such as conservatories and solariums are visually dramatic, and many would-be home buyers consider them a definite plus. But too much of a good thing can be intimidating. A very large conservatory may be viewed as a challenge to maintain and heat. And a glass roof, while providing immersive views, has to be cleaned on a regular basis, which could be a nonstarter for some. A smaller, well-constructed conservatory or solarium can provide the right amount of architectural flair without feeling overwhelming. And keep in mind where your sunroom will be located. Those in the front of the house add curb appeal, while those tucked away in the back may be overlooked by potential buyers.

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