What Are the Advantages of a Prefabricated Sunroom?What are the advantages of a prefabricated sunroom?

Sunroom building techniques can vary depending upon the size, style, and complexity of the project, but generally speaking construction methods fall into two basic categories – stick-built and prefabricated. Stick-built sunrooms are assembled on site from scratch using traditional construction techniques, which is most likely the same way your home was built. The main advantage of a stick-built addition is that design and material choices are nearly unlimited. If money is no object and you have a truly grandiose and unique vision for your sunroom, stick-built construction is your best option.

Saving Time and Money

Most homeowners, however, have to work within a budget. This is one reason why prefabricated sunrooms have become increasingly popular in recent decades. Even the most elaborate models are usually a fraction of the cost of a stick-built addition. In some cases, an existing structure such as a deck or patio can be used as the foundation of a prefabricated sunroom, which will further reduce costs.

Another big advantage to prefabricated sunrooms is the speed in which they can be assembled. While a stick-built addition may take months to complete, prefabricated models can usually be installed in just one or two days, which provides additional savings in terms of labor costs. It also minimizes the effects of inclement weather on the pace of construction. What’s more, because most of the construction is done off-site, there is far less debris at your home, reducing clutter and its impact on your landscaping.

Design Options Still Abound   

Although stick-built sunrooms are customizable down to the smallest detail, prefabricated sunrooms are available in far more than just a few cookie-cutter models. Whether you want a cathedral-roofed conservatory steeped in Old World charm, a sleekly modern solarium, or a traditional patio room, you’ll have no problem finding a prefabricated design that suits your needs and aesthetic preferences. It’s also important to remember that most prefab sunrooms are still custom built at the factory to customer specifications, so you’ll be able to tailor your addition with a variety of features and amenities such as ceiling fans, energy-efficient windows, frame colors, and more.

Thousands of homeowners in Southern California have turned to Pacific Patio for premium sunrooms of almost every shape and size. If you’re thinking about adding a new living space to your home in the San Diego area, contact us today and schedule a no-obligation design consultation. One of our representatives will be happy to review with you all of the options we offer, discuss your budget, and help you choose the perfect addition for your residence.

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