Screen Rooms Provide Enjoyable, Relaxing, and Pest-free Outdoor Spaces for San Diego, CA, Homes

Screen Rooms San Diego CAInstalling screen rooms can help homeowners in the San Diego area of California transform their back porches that are at the mercy of the elements into spacious, open-air living areas that are protected from pests, debris, and light precipitation. With a screened porch installed in your home, you can enjoy everything from an insect-free morning with a nice cup of coffee to an evening outdoor party that doesn’t have to stop just because of rain. Of course, not all screened porches are made equal, but the right ones can be advantageous.

Properly designed and constructed screen rooms should have solid, sturdy frames and roofs that not only shade you from the sun, but also deflect its damaging UV rays to help the room remain cool even in the heat of the San Diego, CA, summer. And, while screens will keep out insects and other pests, as well as light debris such as leaves and twigs, it’s a good idea to consider screen rooms that have insulated sash windows that can be added to or removed from the screens. That way, you can enjoy even greater protection from inclement weather.

For premium screen rooms that are designed with features like these and more, residents of San Diego, California, can trust the experts at Pacific Patio. We proudly install highly durable screen porches made by TEMO, one of the most trusted manufacturers in the outdoor living industry, so you can be sure that your new screen room will stand the test of time. And, because our installers are all our own employees and never subcontractors, they are held to our high standards of customer service and provide masterful workmanship.

If you’re interested in learning more about the screen rooms we install on homes throughout San Diego, CA, contact Pacific Patio today.

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