Is a Sunroom Cheaper Than a Room Addition?

Adding more living space to your home can increase its value and enhance your lifestyle. There are two main ways that you can add more square footage to your home: investing in a traditional stick-built addition or, as an alternative, adding a sunroom. There are considerable differences between these two options:

Stick-Built Addition

Stick-built is the term for any kind of structure that is custom built from the ground up. When you’re considering a room addition, the stick-built structure will be constructed from nearly all of the same components that are used when building a home, including wood, concrete, glass, house sheathing, and shingles. A true room addition will have full electrical service and HVAC service, and should look and feel like a seamless extension of your home.


Sunrooms are glass-enclosed structures that bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor areas. With around 80% of the wall space dedicated to glass, these rooms provide a flood of natural light into your space, as well as expansive views of the great outdoors. They will allow you to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature while remaining sheltered from the elements, and while they’re not required to have full electricity or supplemental heating and cooling, many of them do, so you’ll be comfortable year-round.

The Cost Difference

Many homeowners who want a room addition are surprised at the cost, as they can run upwards of $100,000. Therefore, many budget-conscious homeowners opt for sunrooms, which typically cost about half of traditional stick-built room additions. While a small sunroom may cost around $8,000, a large sunroom with a new slab-on-grade foundation may cost around $80,000. Sunrooms that are built for all seasons (versus sunrooms designed to be used for the three seasons when the weather is more mild) are going to be on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but they still typically cost less than stick-built additions.

Turn to Pacific Patio

If you’re interested in having a sunroom installed at your home, consider turning to the professionals at Pacific Patio. We have been the leading provider of outdoor living products in the San Diego area since 1989 and have a reputation for producing results that not only meet—but exceed—our customers’ expectations. When you turn to us for a new sunroom, you will be able to choose from a selection by industry-leading manufacturer TEMO.

These structures are incredibly durable and low maintenance, as they’ll remain resistant to rotting, deterioration, and other damage year after year. They’re also available in a vast array of styles—including cathedral, studio, California, solarium, Santa Fe, and more—so you will be able to achieve a look that suits your taste and beautifully complements your home.

Furthermore, we will ensure that your new sunroom is expertly installed, as well as backed by an unbeatable lifetime warranty that will protect your investment and give you total peace of mind.

Contact Pacific Patio today to learn more about the sunrooms we offer to homeowners in Southern California. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and tell you about the flexible financing options available to those who qualify.

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