How to Make a Screened Porch Cozy

One of the ultimate forms of luxury for the American homeowner today is to have an outdoor living space. After all, it adds square footage to your home that you can use to entertain friends and family, read a book, exercise, and a multitude of other activities. One of the most popular types of outdoor living structures is a screened porch. This structure protects you from pesky bugs, harsh UV rays, and other unpleasant elements of Mother Nature while allowing you to enjoy its more pleasant elements, like natural light, the sound of birds chirping, and expansive views of the outdoors. If you love your screened porch, but think it could be a little more inviting, consider the following tips for making your screened porch cozy:

Use All-Weather Furniture

The first way to make your screened porch cozy is to add some furniture. You’ll want to opt for pieces that are designed to withstand things like heat, humidity, and water without fading, chipping, or growing mildew. All-weather wicker is a great option, as well as pieces like Adirondack chairs, outdoor rocking chairs, hammocks, and swings. If you have a large screened porch, you can consider getting an outdoor sectional or loveseat, daybed, coffee table, and side tables to really maximize this space.

Add Pillows & Cushions

Adding pillows to your furniture is one of the quickest and easiest ways that you can cozy up your screened porch. Make sure you buy fade-proof, stain-resistant, and water-resistant pillows and cushions that will be able to withstand the elements. If you don’t buy outdoor pillows and cushions, you can treat your fabrics with a water seal spray that will help repel moisture so they can last longer.

Lay Down Rugs

To ground your furniture, and have something soft underfoot, consider throwing down some outdoor rugs. You can even layer rugs, such as a striped rug over a jute rug, as this combination offers both pattern and texture.

Add Plants

Plants make any space feel more alive and inviting, and when placed on your screened porch, they can create the feeling of a tropical oasis. Anchor the corners of the porch with tall plants, and then place in a variety of small and medium-sized plants to round-out the space.

Light it Up

There’s nothing more romantic and cozy than bistro lighting. String these lights up along the corners of your porch ceiling and watch the ambiance it will create.

Turn to Pacific Patio

If you want to invest in a screened porch for your home, turn to the professionals at Pacific Patio. We offer and install a variety of outdoor shade solutions that will provide the protection you need to enjoy your backyard to the fullest. For more than three decades, we’ve been the company homeowners throughout California have turned to for premium TEMO products expertly installed by our team of in-house pros. TEMO products are among the most coveted in the industry, thanks to the exceptional durability, ease of maintenance, and beauty they provide.

Our design experts will help you customize your screened porch to suit your home, taste, and budget, and we’ll stand behind your new investment with TEMO’s unbeatable warranties, so you can have total peace of mind. To learn more about our selection of screened-in porches and other outdoor shade products, contact Pacific Patio today.

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