Four Reasons a Four Seasons Room Is a Great Option for Solana Beach, CA, Homeowners

Four Seasons Room Solana Beach CAAt Pacific Patio, we’re in the business of helping homeowners improve the livability of their residences. We specialize in outdoor upgrades and home additions that create comfortable, beautiful spaces where our customers can entertain, pursue their favorite activities, enjoy a good meal with friends, and simply relax. A four seasons room is one of the most popular home additions in the nation, and over the last three decades, we’ve installed thousands for homeowners in Solana Beach and other communities throughout San Diego County. If you’re thinking about investing in a home improvement project and are weighing your options, here are four compelling reasons why adding a four seasons room to your home is a great idea.

No. 1 – They’re Fully Climate Controlled

Four seasons rooms got their name because they are heated and cooled by the same system that serves the rest of the house, making them comfortable throughout the year. While extreme cold isn’t an issue in Southern California, nighttime temperatures in the winter can still be chilly. Having a reliable source of heat – and air conditioning – will make your sunroom a true extension of your home.

No. 2 – They Count as Livable Space

Speaking of home extensions, because four seasons rooms are fully integrated into your HVAC system, they count as livable space. That means their footprint is added to the total square footage of your home, increasing the market value of your residence.

No. 3 – They Come in a Wide Variety of Styles

At Pacific Patio, we offer and install TEMO sunrooms that are available in many different styles. No matter what kind of addition you’re envisioning, chances are there’s an option that will perfectly reflect your aesthetic preferences. Popular models include the stately Cathedral, the affordable Studio, and the stylish California.

No. 4 – They’ll Become Your New Happy Place

With their large windows and expansive views, our four seasons rooms are bright, airy, and cheerful. You’ll enjoy the ambience of being outside without having to deal with insects, pollen, and inclement weather. And, with so much natural light, you’ll be able to turn your sunroom into a horticultural haven.

To learn more about adding a four seasons room to your home in Solana Beach, contact Pacific Patio today. One of our specialists will be happy to drop by and help you explore the possibilities.

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