What Kind of Door Options Are Available for a Sunroom?What Kind of Door Options Are Available for Sunrooms?

Homeowners in the planning stage of a sunroom addition often focus on features such as architectural style, window size, roofing type, and square footage. Components that sometimes get overlooked during this process are the doors, but they play an important role in both the look and functionality of a sunroom. With a variety of configurations to choose from, you may even discover exciting new design possibilities while researching your options.

Depending on the type of sunroom you have in mind, your new addition will most likely have two kinds of doors – interior ones that provide access from within the house, and exterior ones that provide outdoor egress. One of the most popular choices for both are French doors. With their charm and elegance, French doors provide a distinct transition between the rest of the house and the sunroom, heralding the unique nature of this bright and airy space. They also work well as exterior doors, especially if the sunroom leads out to a pool or deck area. Exterior French doors differ from their inside counterparts in that that are equipped with locks for security and tend to be more sturdily constructed.

Siding doors are another very popular choice for external doors. Because they glide open along a track rather than swing open on a hinge, they eliminate the need for enough empty floor space to allow the door to arc inward. In a smaller sunroom, this can be a real advantage. Sliding doors also boast large glass panes that mesh well with the rest of the sunroom’s architecture.

One of the most dramatic options for a sunroom are bi-fold doors. These doors have panels that glide along a track and fold against the wall. Large bi-fold doors can open up one entire side of a sunroom, creating a true outdoor space. These types of doors are more common in warmer climates, where they allow homeowners to take optimal advantage of cooling breezes.

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