Comparing Fixed vs. Adjustable Pergolas

backyard-shade-san-diego-caHave you ever had to cut your time outside short because the heat and glare from the sun became too overwhelming? Installing a pergola will help provide you with much-needed shade so that you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and fresh air of nature without the sun raining on your parade. A pergola is an outdoor structure consisting of columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters. This roofing grid may either be fixed in place to provide partial shade or adjustable so you can alter it from partial to full shade at any given time. When considering whether to invest in a fixed or adjustable pergola, you’ll want to consider several factors, including:


Fixed pergolas have permanently open roof slats, but with an adjustable pergola, you can open or close the slats depending upon your need for sun or shade. This obviously makes adjustable pergolas the more flexible option, as you have the ability to completely control your environment in a way that you simply can’t with a fixed pergola.


Fixed pergolas will always allow some sunlight to filter through, as well as elements such as rain and debris. With an adjustable pergola, you will be able to close the slats completely to protect yourself from those elements and make your outdoor living experience more enjoyable.


Adjustable and fixed pergolas are nearly identical in terms of beauty. They both provide an elegant and sophisticated look to any backyard space, thanks to their unique lattice roofs and gorgeous columns that are inspired by the rich architectural history of Italy.

Pergolas from Pacific Patio

If you’re considering having a pergola installed at your California home, the professionals at Pacific Patio have got you covered. We offer both fixed and adjustable pergolas that are crafted by industry-leading manufacturer TEMO. These structures are made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum and will stand strong for decades while remaining resistant to warping, rotting, denting, scratching, peeling, and insect infestation. Their exceptional durability also makes our pergolas virtually maintenance free, so you’ll be able to spend far more time enjoying your new shaded structure than worrying about its upkeep. And, since our pergolas are backed by an unbeatable limited lifetime transferable warranty, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Furthermore, we have operable pergolas that will give you the ability to adjust the slats to close completely when the sun is too bright or provide partial sunlight when the weather is nice. Whether you want an adjustable or fixed pergola, you will be able to choose from Roma, Florentine, and Venetian designs that are sure to lend a beautiful and elegant appearance to your yard. And, since our pergolas can be installed in as little as 1-2 days on an approved foundation, you’ll have it made in the shade before you know it.

Contact Pacific Patio today to learn more about the fixed and adjustable pergolas that we offer. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help determine which pergola would be best for your home, taste, and budget.

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