Are Glass-Roofed Sunrooms a Good Idea?

Are Glass-Roofed Sunrooms a Good Idea?As their name suggests, sunrooms are all about light. Morning light. Afternoon light. Early evening light. More than any other home addition, sunrooms offer a unique and variable experience that not only changes from hour to hour, but also from week to week as the seasons progress and the sun rises and sets in a slightly different location each day. If the steady progression of the annual solar cycle is something you want to experience on a visceral level from the comfort of your home, a glass-roofed sunroom – also called a solarium or conservatory depending upon its architectural style – is something to consider. A glass-roofed sunroom is as close as you can get to a truly immersive outdoor experience since it maximizes your exposure to sunlight and provides the most expansive views possible. A glass-roofed sunroom also tends to add the most value to your home, an important consideration if you plan on putting your house on the market in the near future.

While having a room flooded with light has its obvious advantages, especially if your passion is growing sun-loving plants inside, it also has some drawbacks. A glass-roofed enclosure traps more heat than a shingled-roof structure. While this can be a plus if you live in a cold climate and you want a cozy retreat during the winter, it can make things uncomfortably hot during warmer months. Ceiling blinds and tinted windows with a low-E coating can help mitigate solar heating, but they will be an added expense.

Another consideration is the maintenance glass roofs require. Regular cleaning is a must to keep the panels looking attractive. If your sunroom is clear of surrounding trees, washing the roof every six months should be sufficient. If there’s a tree canopy overhead, you’ll probably need to clean the roof every three or four months to remove bird droppings, branches, acorns, and fallen leaves.

Finally, keep in mind that glass-roofed enclosures are more expensive to build than other types of sunrooms. If you’re working within a budget, the added expense of an all-glass addition and its potentially higher cooling costs may make a solarium or conservatory less cost efficient than a covered-roof design.

Deciding what kind of sunroom is right for your home requires careful consideration of all your options. Since 1989, Pacific Patio has been building premium additions for homeowners in San Diego and the surrounding communities. If you’re considering a sunroom and would like a little expert advice on choosing one that will suit your needs without breaking the bank, contact us today and schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our specialists.

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