Screen Rooms Professionally Installed for Oceanside, CA, Homeowners by Pacific Patio

Screen Rooms Oceanside CAScreen rooms are a home addition option that can allow Oceanside, California, homeowners to take full advantage of the nearly perfect weather and stunning views that characterize Southern California. They feature large openings that offer vast views of the property, and the sashes that cover the screens can be removed to allow natural air to flow and ventilate the room. So if you’re looking to expand the living space of your home and enjoy more of the beauty that the outdoors has to offer, a screen room installed by Pacific Patio is the perfect addition option for you.

At Pacific Patio, we install screen rooms manufactured by TEMO, a leader in the outdoor living industry. TEMO’s screen rooms are incredibly durable, and have many features that make them the best choice among the competition. Their structures are made from extruded aluminum, so they have the strength to hold up against years of inclement weather and sun exposure, and they have an electrostatic finish that’s guaranteed to prevent rotting, rusting, warping, cracking, peeling, fading, or any other kind of deterioration over time. They also have thermal roofs that deflects the sun’s heat, and vinyl sashes that offer UV protection and keep out pesky insects.

In addition to these great features, TEMO’s screen rooms are available in three attractive styles that will complement almost any Oceanside home’s exterior:

  • Studio
  • Low cathedral
  • Retractable screen

No matter what style of screen room you choose, all of TEMO’s products come backed with a lifetime transferrable warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment will be protected for years to come.

For more information on the screen rooms we install for Oceanside, CA, homeowners, contact Pacific Patio today.